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China Hardware bearing casting industry sales increased


With the development of the domestic aerospace, rail transportation, medical equipment and other fields, the bearing foundry industry has gained a certain degree of improvement. Bearing foundry industry not only needs to be effective in the existing market, but also need to actively explore new markets.

under the guidance of the planning in 12th Five-Year, China's high-end bearing foundry industry developed the industry development plan. To formulate the policy of promoting the development of the domestic mould industry with the two drivers of the project and the export. In rail transport, medical equipment, new energy, aerospace, automotive light weight, rail transport and other areas of development driven by the development of China's bearing foundry industry has significantly improved. Bearing foundry industry in the steady progress of the traditional market and actively explore new markets, and even in the past have been ignored the edge of the market has been developed, these factors make the mold to develop a significant market.

global manufacturing center to China transfer, provided a powerful driving force for Chinese bearing foundry industry development, also put forward higher requirements on the domestic high-end bearing manufacturers. At present, China's bearing foundry industry must focus on improving product quality and reduce manufacturing cost, and realize the strategic transformation from &ldquo to ” to “ strong &rdquo.

2016 domestic metal bearing foundry industry showing a rapid development trend, shoulder the mission of localization of high-end equipment. Under the guidance of the planning in 12th Five-Year, China's bearing foundry industry has developed a plan for the development of the industry, that is, the project and export. 12th Five-Year period, the construction of high-speed rail will reach an unprecedented peak in 2011, the national railway infrastructure investment 700 billion yuan, for the entire high-speed rail equipment manufacturing enterprises to provide a huge market opportunities.

by 2012 China build 42 high-speed railway, the total mileage of more than 13 thousand kilometers, the formation of new demand 800 columns to the EMU, 2020 of the high-speed railway mileage in China will reach 18 thousand kilometers, to provide a broad market space for me in the high iron bearing. The next three years, China's high-speed rail bearing market will be more than 2 billion yuan. High speed train bearings as high iron base parts, but it is Swedish SKF, German FAG, Japanese NTN and other international giants firmly occupy the market in china. Although a small part of the domestic enterprises can be manufacturing speed of 200 kilometers per hour motor car bearings, but the relevant procurement departments will still use imported parts.

according to the current domestic situation, want to develop high-end bearings must exist many difficulties, only continue to overcome the existing difficulties, high-end bearing industry can achieve a huge leap. The domestic high-end bearing foundry industry plays an important role in the localization of China's high-end equipment of the challenge, and considering the shaft research science and technology R & D, excellent casting and innovation ability, believe in the future, will be able to support the task of China's localization of major equipment.

bearing foundry industry in the traditional market stability of forward and actively explore new markets, even is neglected in the past to the edge of the market has also been developed, these factors make the mould market development with remarkable results. Look forward to more brilliant achievements in the future. "