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On the importance of bearing lubrication


Bearing in the car very nervous throughout, bear responsibility. From the motive, the chassis to the electrical assembly, are used to bearing. Automotive bearings are divided into two categories of sliding bearing and rotary bearing.
Sliding bearings are important for decision motivation. Sliding bearings are usually divided into two kinds, one is liner type thin-walled bearings, the shape of tiles commonly known as bearing; the other one is liner, also called copper sleeve is a hollow cylinder shape. The liner wall bearing used for supporting the important engine crankshaft and connecting rod. Bush is important for supporting the cam shaft and the piston pin, but also for the rest of the vehicle chassis of the premises, for example kingpin bushings, shock absorber plate pin bushing, gear bushing and electromechanical sleeve, their friction reducing effect of centrosome.
The crankshaft and connecting rod bearings seem to be in the form of a single tube, but the request for their function is very high. Although there are oil system parts and bearings will smooth surface from every war, but in recent years with the engine speed and inexhaustible pressurization intensification pressure of oil film bearing growth, the increase of the thickness of oil film bearing cut, what environment improves, the crankshaft and connecting rod bearing materials and production is more and more high request. The adoption of double metal bearing general situation, some are multilayer situation, the first layer is a steel tile back to ensure that the mechanical strength, the second layer is to ensure that the bearing alloy of things function, often using a method called Babbitt alloy material; the third layer is the two layer on the basis of re coated with thin alloy, to to further improve the function of things.
The relative bearing, it is pressure cam shaft bush, the material is usually made of bronze or steel plated alloy bushing, this material also widely used in the main pin, brake shoe, door hinge, safety belt reel premises. The car used for example for bush material is relatively small, oily metal lining idea, electric fan, used for polymeric materials made of steel plate and suspension bushing pin and the wiper.
Rotary bearings are used in all the machines and electrical assemblies used in automobiles. There is an important transmission, steering gear, electric fan, water pump, clutch, differential, and front and rear wheel drive shaft.
The rotary bearing spherical roller and two, according to different size and standard stand load is divided into radial bearings and thrust bearings, radial bearings subjected to radial (properly perpendicular to the axis line) thrust bearing under axial load properly (parallel to the axis of the load, the other is) a centripetal thrust bearing simultaneously the radial and axial force. In fact, now almost all of the rolling bearing can under certain conditions and subjected to radial load and lateral load, only focus on what aspects about the two. Bearing important points are ball bearings, roller bearings, needle roller bearings, in accordance with the differences in all parts of the impact on the car.